Video Sharing Tools for Accountants

Yesterday a good Twitter friend posted this tweet about video sharing. It isn’t tax or accounting related, but it has generated a lot of engagement in the accounting community.

This is something I’ve tried to do once and it didn’t work very well so I had given up. I know there are programs and apps out there but I was looking for an easy way to do it, and wanted something free or very inexpensive since it’s only something I would use every once in a while.

You can see that Megan’s tweet generated a lot of engagement and I thought I’d summarize the suggestions. Mainly so I can come back to them easier, but I also thought someone out there might be looking for the same thing.

Here are the recommended programs and apps from other accountants that use video sharing.

If you have any additional tools you think we should know about, please comment here or go to Megan’s post and add it there.