I’m taking my own advice

I always encourage my family and friends, and especially my clients, to follow their dreams. In this case, I am following my own advice and starting a personal blog about business topics that interest me. These are topics that especially focus on tax and general accounting issues, entrepreneurial endeavors and small business.

The idea for this blog came about because I started using twitter for keeping up with tax and business news and updates. In order to keep up with my profession, I need to be a news junky so I can be up to date on changes and issues that affect my industry and my clients. Along the way, I realized I have something to offer and can’t always express my ideas in simple tweets. I am hoping this blog will be a place where I can share important news and updates, as well as give more in-depth commentary on the things I learn along my journey.

Find out more on my “About me” page and hopefully you’ll be intrigued to come along this journey with me.