Texas grants Wolters Kluwer CCH users a penalty waiver for tax returns filed by 5/22/2019

If you’re under the gun to get your Texas Franchise Tax Returns filed on time, the Texas Comptroller has granted a penalty waiver for tax prepares who use the Wolters Kluwer CCH programs. This is all because of the “service interruption” they experienced for most of last week. In order to help spread the word, I want to share this update of the state implications.

Here is the update just posted to the Comptroller’s website:

 Service Impact

Wolters Kluwer, the maker of CCH tax reporting software, suffered an outage of services used by taxpayers to file the Texas Franchise tax report. We will automatically waive penalties for taxpayers affected by the outage who file and pay by May 22. This is a penalty waiver only and not an extension of the due date. For a valid extension, taxpayers must file an extension request and make the associated payment by May 15. Without a valid extension, the statute of limitation will be based on the May 15 due date.

If this applies to you, just remember if is for actual returns that are filed and not extensions. Extensions must be timely filed by May 15, 2019 in order to be prevent any penalties or interest.

Thanks to Kay Bell for initially sharing this information.