5/9/2019 – Update #2 from Wolters Kluwer CCH Network & Service Interruptions

UPDATE 5/13/2019 6:50 PM CDT – I finally received the official instructions from CCH on filing certain tax returns with the IRS after the May 15, 2019 deadline within the additional time until May 22, 2019. Those instructions are very long and specific so I have included them on a separate post instead of on this one. You can find those instructions here.

UPDATE: 5/11/2019 – CCH has announced that the IRS is granting extra time to file returns due on 5/15/2019. More info here.

Just trying to help spread the word since information seems to dibble out at an infrequent pace.This post is an update from my post earlier this morning.I just received an official message from the Wolter Kluwer CCH Notification system at 6:43 PM CDT on 5/9/2019:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Wolters Kluwer Network and Service Interruptions

Earlier today, we shared the progress that we had made in restoring our applications and platforms. Since the message this morning, the systems notated in blue font are now back online.

  • Electronic Filing System (ELF)
  • ATX™ & TaxWise® electronic filing
  • CCH Trust US™ electronic filing (online)
  • CCH® Global fx
  • CCH® SureTax® (online)
  • CCH Axcess™ (online)
  • CCH® AnswerConnect (online)
  • CCH® IntelliConnect® (online)
  • CCH® Account Research Manager (online)

These following systems are still in process:

  • TaxWise® Online™

Should you have any further questions, we have established a dedicated customer support line regarding this incident at 800-930-1753 and a live chat capability at taxna.wolterskluwer.com. We value your continued patience as we work diligently to completely restore service. We will work to keep you updated as new information becomes available.

The Wolters Kluwer Team

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