How to make a charcuterie board – #WeekOfGratitude

Everyone knows accounting can be a grueling occupation. Not physically, but mentally, it can wear you out. Luckily, my firm is a member of the BDO Alliance and they go out of their way to help us relieve the stress during stressful periods. This year they are hosting a week of online learning classes to give us a break from tax returns.

I’ve signed up for a few classes, like this morning there was an hour long walking tour of Prague which was very interesting. I was impressed and have already looked up a few other cities I’d like to take a virtual tour of, since travel is still iffy.

This afternoon, they hosted a class on how to make a charcuterie board which was hosted by Emily Schmidt of Gathered Living. I’ve seen a few YouTube videos of how to make these boards, but never actually watched it live. I learned a lot and took some screen shots along the way. Emily was really good at explaining the steps and giving ideas for substitutions, depending on your theme and available ingredients.

Here’s a big thank you to the BDO Alliance for hosting this event and to Emily for the fun break from tax season!